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World Seikido

Seikido is a relatively new martial art based on Tae Kwon Do and Aikido, both of which are founded in older martial arts, including Japanese Shotokan Karate and Jujitsu.

It is the blending of the most modern and scientifically correct techniques derived from Tae Kwon Do and Aikido that makes Seikido unique. The founders built upon these foundation arts, both of which are considered the pinnacle of their respective styles, and developed techniques unique to Seikido.

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Tae Kwon Do masters spend years researching the physics of striking and kicking methods, and developed very effective tournament sparring techniques. The World Tae Kwon Do Federation has recently evolved very sophisticated sparring tactics..

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Aikido involves subtle and supple movements, grips, and applications of pressure against vulnerable points of the assailant's anatomy to render him incapable of further assault, by utilizing his own weight and momentum against him.

Philosopy of Seikido
The Principles

Seikido teaching stresses courtesy, self-control, perseverance and harmony. It will give you self confidence as well as strength and physical fitness. Seikido is suitable for all ages, male and female.

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Teachings of Seikido
The Techniques

Seikido techniques include throwing and pinning to neutralize high kicks, and striking to disable grappling attacks. In addition to sparring practice, releases from holds, throws and pins are essential aspects of our self defense training.

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Skills of Seikido
Applicable World Wide

Because Seikido is based on older martial arts, the curriculum is set out in components that reflect the traditions and teaching procedures established by those foundation arts. Seikido students can enter practically any martial arts school in the world and feel at home, confident in their knowledge of the art and generally accepted rules of behaviour.

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