17th Anniversary Self Defense and Pattern Tournament & Sparring Seminar in honour of Sensei John Lemieux

4th of May, 2019

Clark Road Secondary School, London, Ontario

Sensei Lemieux was one of the founding members of UWO Seikido and a strong advocate for our tournament. In his spirit we have strived to create a tournament where all Martial Art Practitioners can come to compete to demonstrate their different styles and skills.

This year we will be hosting two events on the same day, the 4th of May 2019. The first will be our Self Defense and Pattern Tournament, and then right after Lunch our Seminar for Sparring with special guest Mr Leo Loucks. (Please see his bio that is listed below).


$28.00 for Self Defense & Pattern Tournament.
Participation in the Sparring Seminar are limited to those competing Martial Artists as well as assisting Black Belts.

This is a pre-registration event.

Deadline for electronic registration is April 24th, 2019 at 11:00pm.
Payment must be made prior to May 1st, 2019.
Please contact Master Dave Wilkins for more details.

Schedule of Events:

9:00 am - 9:45 am - Registration
9:45 am - Judges Meeting
10:00 am - Opening Ceremony
10:15 am - Competition Begins

*All judges/referees please sign in by 9:30am*

For Further Tournament Details:

Please email Master Dave Wilkins at

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