Philosophy of Seikido

An Introduction

As with most other martial arts, Seikido self defence is rooted in Asian philosophy, so teaching methods follow traditions derived from ancient Eastern warrior arts. As one of the foundation arts, Seikido owes much to traditional Aikido philosophy and rules of etiquette. The martial way, as defined by O-Sensei, is "the spirit of loving protection for all beings", and Seikido aims to incorporate that spirit as a fundamental creed in its teachings. Seikido attempts to build a strong sense of justice, fortitude, and humility, with its strict discipline, intensive physical conditioning, and mental training.

As prescribed by General Choi, a proper mental attitude is necessary to separate the true practitioner from the sensationalist content with learning only the fighting techniques of the art. Qualities most respected in practitioners and by practitioners are benevolence, politeness, honour, and loyalty. Seikido strives to teach much more than physical self defence and sport fighting techniques, it teaches a proper mental attitude and ethical conduct as the essential foundation for student development. The "Do" followed by Seikido is familiar to true martial artists all over the world, as it follows traditional values which form the philosophical basis of most martial arts.