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The basic Walking Stance is not used in sparring. It presents too many front-of-the-body targets and is not relaxed or natural enough to permit the quick and free movement required for effective sparring. The Walking Stance and L_Stance are used in training to help develop good body posture basic form control.

By developing good Walking and L-Stances, you will easily learn the fighting stances. Before all else, learn control and study the techniques of each kick, punch and block. These can be practiced deliberately and slowly with help of choreographed sparring movements. These will help you master the mechanics and make your technique perfect. From the many choreographed movements you will learn effective defenses to standard offenses. After mastering technique, you can strive for speed and power. Remember to relax , breath and strive for control through proper technique before attempting to achieve speed and power.

Keep your eyes on your opponent's upper chest. Do not watch your opponent's eyes or head. It's easy to fake with eye movements and head bobs. A common technique is for the attacker to look in one direction and move in another. The upper chest controls the arm muscles of your opponent's punches and is crucial for balance as he attempts to kick. By watching your opponent's upper chest, you will "see" his punches and kicks just as he begins them. This helps you avoid or block them and plan your counterattack! Remember to side step or move in and never straight back as this will give into his attack.

When sparring, breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe in deeply, fully and slowly. Breathing this way keeps you calm during sparring and help you focus your attack.

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