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Seikido self-defense techniques are based mainly upon the Japanese art of Aikido, which was founded by Morihi Ueshiba. Many of the techniques are designed to immobilize and disarm attackers as well as escape from various holds and grappling attacks. Although everyone has the right to defend themselves, the Seikido practitioner must be guided by ethical motives, with the intention to defend without inflicting unnecessary pain and suffuring. True victory is achieved only when no one loses.

The attacker "Uke" and the defender "Nage" work together in harmony blending their energies as they perform the basic movements. Large circular motions with good balance and redirection of the force combine to make a very effective defense style that negates the attacker's size and strength.

Breathing is an important part of the movement and breathing slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth can help you focus your energies and execute the movement better.

Basic Movements & Falls
Tenkan Avoiding attack by turning 180 degrees moving back foot and rotating on front foot.
Irmi Tenkan Avoiding attack by stepping forward and turning 180 degrees moving back foot and rotating on front foot.
Ski Tenkan Sliding front foot forward and then turning 180 degrees moving back foot and rotating on front foot.
Forward Roll/Fall Right foot forward with right sword arm up, bend forward and reach down with hand inward and fingers pointing backward. Tuck head under arm pit and roll on outside unbendable sword arm onto shoulder and back. Tuck trailing foot to stand up.
Backwards Roll/Fall Tuck foot with instep down behind other leg as body curls forward, sit down and roll backwards. Slap the mat with both straight arm palms just before body hits mat. Roll over on shoulder, tuck head with chin to chest to prevent head from hitting floor. Throw both knees over same shoulder with same arm straight out. Roll onto feet spread slightly and stand up.
TORI - Holding Attacks
Katate Tori One hand grasp on wrist
Ryote Tori Both wrists grasp
Morote Tori Two hand grasp on one wrist
Kata Tori One hand grasp on uniform shoulder
Ryokata Tori Both hands grasp on uniform at shoulder
Ushiro Kata Tori Uniform shoulder held from behind
Ushiro Tori Hold from behind
Kubi Shimi Choke hold
Ushiro Kubi Shimi Choke hold from behind
Ushiro Hiji Tori Elbows held from behind
Ushiro Ryo Kata Tori Both shoulders held from behind
Ushiro Tekubi Tori Both wrists grabbed from behind
Ikkyo Underside arm pin
Nikyo Wrist in turn pin
Sankyo Wrist twist
Yonkyo Wrist grip pin
Gokyo Arm inward bend
Kote Gaeshi Wrist out turn
Shiho Nage Arm out turn throw and pin
Hiji Jimi Elbow lock
Irimi Nage Entering throw, head control, indirect & direct
Sokumen Nage Reverse , direct and Heaven-Earth Throw
Kaiten Nage Rotary Throw
Jugi Nage / Kokyo Nage Elbow cross / Breath Throw
Kime Nage Arm bar Throw
Sumi Otoshi Corner Drop, Arm cut , Neck cut
Koshi Nage Hip Throws
SEIKIDO Techniques Illustration
Kata Tori Kote Gaeshi Click to View
Yoko Keri Ushiro Ryokatatori Click to View
Kata Tori Hinaeri Sankyo Click to View
Reverse Kata Tori Hinaeri Sankyo Click to View

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