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SEIKIDO means vital force that enlivens the universe. Seikido is a relatively new martial art, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in October, 1997. It is founded mainly upon Tae Kwon Do and Aikido techniques, both of which have their origins in older martial arts. The founders of the Seikido School have incorporated over fifty years of combined experience into the present curriculum. Douglas Gagel was a fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and subsequently learned Aikido. Zivorad Petkovic was a black belt in Hombu Aikido before he studied Tae Kwon Do, also achieving fourth degree. Both continue to practice, learn, and teach the latest unarmed self defence techniques available. Seikido is a form of crossing training based on the principles of 2 very effective styles:

The teaching stresses courtesy, self control, perseverance and harmony. It will give you self confidence as well as strength and physical fitness. SEIKIDO is suitable for ages six to sixty, male and female.

The sport aspects of Seikido, including tournament competitions, with their striking and blocking techniques, are derived from modern Tae Kwon Do, which was founded by General Choi Hong Hi shortly after World War Two. He, along with other Korean masters, set out standardized principles and rules after studying many older Karate and Kung Fu style arts, especially Japanese Shotokan. Tae Kwon Do masters spend years researching the physics of striking and kicking methods, and developed very effective tournament sparring techniques. The World Tae Kwon Federation has recently evolved very sophisticated sparring tactics. What is lacking in modern Tae Kwon Do as a complete martial art are self defence techniques against grappling attacks, especially against much stronger and larger assailants.

Seikido uses self defence techniques which are based mainly upon the Japanese art of Aikido, which was founded by Morihei Ueshiba ("O-Sensei") in Japan around the turn of the century. Ueshiba was a master of Jujutsu and Aikijutsu, as well as sword and spear fighting, before developing Aikido. Aikido is the culmination of decades of refinement of these older Japanese martial arts, and incorporates their most scientifically sound principles. Aikido involves subtle and supple movements, grips, and applications of pressure against vulnerable points of the assailant's anatomy to render him incapable of further assault, by utilizing his own weight and momentum against him. Many techniques are designed to disarm and immobilize attackers who are armed with weapons such as a knife, sword, club, or staff. Modern Aikido has become a demonstration art with no competitive aspects, and lacking effective punching and kicking techniques, as well as sport fighting.

It is the blending of the most modern and scientifically correct techniques derived from Tae Kwon Do and Aikido that makes Seikido unique. The founders built upon these foundation arts, both of which are considered the pinnacle of their respective styles, and developed techniques unique to Seikido.

Seikido attempts to build a strong sense of justice, fortitude, and humility, with its strict discipline, physical conditioning, and mental training. A proper mental attitude is necessary to separate the true practitioner from the sensationalist content with learning only the fighting techniques of the art. Qualities most respected in the Seikido practitioners are benevolence, politeness, honour, and loyalty.

Seikido instruction is standardized according to sanctioned rankings, with all branch schools utilizing the same requirements for student advancement. Korean and Japanese terminology are often used to identify specific techniques and procedures. Seikido students can attend other Tae Kwon Do or Aikido schools throughout the world, understand the instructions, and generally maintain their ranking.


aims to teach proper attitude and ethical conduct as the essential foundation for student development. Seikido aims to achieve: [HOME]Back to WS Home Page

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